Saturday, December 01, 2007

LC is a "Conversation Killer"

According to an Gavin Beasley's October 25th interview with Best Week Ever, she's pretty boring.

So the big date with Lauren. What did you two actually talk about for the hours and hours you spent together that we didn’t see on the show?

I honestly had a really hard time talking to her - she’s kind of a conversation killer, and when the cameras are rolling, all conversation is kept firmly on the surface. She talked about how mean Perez Hilton was, and how you have to be nice to the Paparazzi so they don’t release the uglier pictures of you. I don’t know – pop culture, Red Bull, stuff like that. In fact, the most interesting thing I got out of her was that she isn’t allowed to eat ice cream because her trainer told her she can’t.

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