Friday, December 14, 2007

The Hills Extended Season Spoilers

And as for Lauren & Whitney’s gigs at Teen Vogue? “Teen Vogue doesn’t want to be affiliated with the show anymore,” a source tells us. “But they’re not obviously going to say that on the show.” Instead, Lauren is going to “think about quitting” and struggle with that for a few episodes. And producers are trying to determine what to do about Whitney and her job at the magazine. Sources tells us that even Whitney has been trying to get her own spin-off show!

Producer’s of MTV’s ratings juggernaut “The Hills” played matchmaker in Paris, hoping the young women on the “reality” show would hook-up with some Frenchmen for the cameras - and it worked.Before Lauren Conrad and her Teen Vogue counterpart, Whitney Port, went to Paris to “work” at the Crillon Ball, producers were “frantically calling publicists to see if anyone knew any guys to set the girls up with in Paris. If they had a love affair there, then it would look better,” a source said.One publicist came through, and the girls were set up with the band Rock & Roll, “the King Cobras of New Wave Rock,” who are set to star in the new Roberto Cavalli campaign this spring. And, at least for Conrad - who had been “flirting” with Brody Jenner, although spies say the two were never more than friends - the ruse worked.“Lauren was filmed riding off with the guitar player, Matthias, on the back of his bike,” our source said. “They hooked up.” The band’s biggest hit is “Loser, Boozer, Jacuzzi-User.
The Hills Extended Season Spoilers

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