Thursday, December 06, 2007

Audrina Trashing Lauren?

“Audrina is a backstabber!” a source tells Star Magazine.“She says the meanest things about Lauren, and no one knows why, because Lauren took Audrian under her wing and made her a star.”Audrina spent Thanksgiving Weekend 2007 telling friends that L.C is ‘crazy, insecure, jealous, and totally fake.’“Audrina wasn’t editing herself, she just let it all out! She should be more careful who she’s talking to. Lauren has a lot of friends who don’t like to hear this stuff.”


I wonder if that's true or not.  Honestly, I'm one to believe there is usually some truth behind rumor and here-say, including this case.  Judging from what I have seen on TV, I can see how those aspects would be true about Lauren's personality, and how Audrina may be frustrated.  Jealous people suck.

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