Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Had A Slightly Different Take

So I just found this post by Team Sugar, a website I normally love. I must say, though, this post (see below) is ridiculous.

Spencer Pratt had a little interview with Radar Magazine and Here's some qoutes from the Spencer Fart:"I love the bad press. The bottom line is I'm making people react and ultimately not think about that we are in a war in Iraq and are trying to pick leaders. "I" would rather be this hated guy for not doing any harm to anyone physically. I'm here and I have not been racist or homophobic. There are people out there that you could go after so much more, but I'm the new villain, and that's hilarious! It's so cool to be alive.""My grandma, who is 81, was at my birthday dinner last night, and she was saying in her whole life—which has been miserable for the most part—the one thing that has made her happiest is getting to read the tabloids, watch The Hills, and be a part of this weird pop culture phenomenon. She wears two buttons with my face on it. And if my grandmother is crying for joy in the last years of her life, then it is all worth it.""She (Heidi) was made for entertaining. She was walking around in high heels at two years old doing dances. I would never call Spencer Pratt a star, but she is, because she shines. That is the definition of star—she pops out from the universe.""Definitely. I just am so blessed. I've never been very religious and now I'm like, if there is a God, I love God. I know there is something out there because I am seriously the happiest person on earth."Ahhhh, this is from the guy who says that his grandma had a miserable life before he became "famous" and who is proud that Heidi has been "stipper-training" on heels since she was two... at least she knew then what her true calling was.. now she's with the PIMP that's been flaunting her on her pink bikini!
Spencer Fart's interview on Radar Magazine! READ THIS! | Spencer Pratt heidi montag | teamsugar - Women's Social Network & Community.

I had a slightly different take, & posted it in the comment section, as well:

OK, as much as we all want to just hate on Spencer Pratt, let's not mindlessly jump to conclusions. We are not even sure the context of those quotes, but from what I read, my opinion is that he is CLEARLY being facitous/sarcastic. Like, he's saying that there are ppl dying every day in Iraq, and we want to focus on him? He's MAKING FUN of the type of news we choose to care about. When he says that there are so many other worse assholes out there then him, but he's the one who's hated on, he is making fun of the IRONY--which is why he said, "I love it. It's good to be alive." He's making fun of the irony in what ppl choose to focus on. I must say, I agree that ppl's ignorance and willingness to just take everything they read at face value kind of makes me laugh, too.

EDIT: Here's the original article, with the quotes in context

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