Monday, December 03, 2007

Best & Worst of 2007: Dumbest celebrity feuds - BloggingStocks

And finally, my favorite feud of all ... which might not even be "real." Lauren Conrad, the young, beautiful, rich, and famous-for-being-famous star of MTV's "reality" show The Hills had quite a fight with her BFF (that's "best friend forever") and roommate, Heidi Montag, last year. In a nutshell, Lauren was never fond of Heidi's boyfriend Spencer Pratt, who tended to manipulate situations, cheat on his girlfriend while cameras were watching, and generally act as loathsome as humanly possible. It didn't help matters that Pratt also (allegedly!) spread a (false?) rumor about a videotape showing Lauren in an unflattering light.
Best & Worst of 2007: Dumbest celebrity 'feuds' - BloggingStocks

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