Friday, December 14, 2007


At the finale after-party at Koi, "We headed straight for the bar, and Spencer walks right by us from the bathroom back to his table with Heidi," said our source. "Within five minutes they were hustled out because Lauren and her entourage were coming over to Koi and wouldn't be in the same room as them."Later, Conrad was partying at the same table as Jenner and was apparently over-served. "There was a girl in the booth who was kinda slumped over. And it was Lauren," we're told. When executive producer Adam DiVello walked over to the table, our insider relates, "Lauren, in a really sad, drunk voice, says, 'Can I please go home?' "Asked if he and Pratt would ever be friends again, Jenner replied, " [Bleep] that! I will never be friends with Spencer again."

I'm not sure how reliable the last part is, about Brody saying he won't be friends with Spencer, because Brody confirmed a while ago that he and Spencer were friends again. Plus, that just doesn't seem like Brody, who was barely willing to trash Spencer even after he'd heard Speidi were blaming him for the sex tape rumors.

Then again, you never know...

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