Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Showdown on The View: Rosie's Last Day

OK. I'm what most would consider liberal, but not when it comes to the Iraq War. I agree with Elizabeth when she says Rosie, like many liberals, go only on emotion, not facts. That being said, I think Republicans blew Rosie's comment waaaaaay out of proportion. Saying she should be taken off air for expressing her beliefs is hypocritical, ridiculous, melodramatic and overall complete and total bullshit. She got a little heated, who doesn't in a political debate? I don't think she meant that our troops were terrorists. I think she was just trying to make a point in her empathy for Iraqi citizens. All of the Republicans who accuse her of "treason" are just as crazy as what they accuse Rosie of being. Rosie did not say our troops are terrorists, even if she did, that is NOT treason. Guess what, Republicans? You always talk about "defending our freedom," yet the minute someone voices an opinion you disagree with, you are up in arms about taking her off air, accusing her of treason. You hypocrites.

That being said, Rosie's comment, in my opinion, was uninformed, misguided and interestingly ironic...I'll tell you why. She kept complaining about what the MEDIA was saying about her, judging her, spinning things to make it look worse then it is, not knowing the full story, etc. Like Rosie's comment, troops in Iraq are also a constant subject to media scrutiny. A lot of what they do is either misunderstood, misconstrued or taken out of context, so those who don't know the whole story or understand the complexities of Iraq assume the troops are a bunch of trigger-happy young men who just want to kill, kill, kill, which is NOT the case at all. Ironically, Rosie's opinion is totally bias by what she, herself, hears on the media! So she is, essentially, getting a taste of her own medicine by having a bunch of ignorant assholes judge her based on something the media has taken out of context.

Ironic, doncha think?

That being said, I do think she, like Elizabeth, is sincere in what she believes, and it's a shame she felt so attacked that she had to leave. Their debates made good TV, too! If I worked for ABC, I'd have offered her more $$$ to stay!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Do You Think I Think Our Troops Are Terrorists?"

"Who are the terrorists?"

How it all began...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Viewers Revenge: Finale!

It was supposed to be Adam and Tori fighting Pit Battle #14, but there's a shocking twist...dundundun: There has been a clear rule violation by David, who has been leaking information to the outside world (ppl off of the show). So he was immidiately sent home. Wonder if he'll get sued. Anyway, as a result, Adam doesn't have to battle it out anymore, so Dan and Shane do. Dan wins.

Tori and Kristin* battle it out. Tori wins.

They go into the final mission, in which they compete against the Pit Crew for $20 grand. Pit Crew wins! You know what that means: 2 people must be sent into the Pit.

Kina steps up this time around and volunteers herself. Dan gets voted in, which was the correct decision, in my opinion, because he fucked up on the mission.

For the Girls: Kina and Angel battle it out in the Pit. Kina wins.
For the Guys: Dan and Lamonte battle it out. Lamonte wins.

Lamonte winning fucking sucks! ugh. but Dan was in it for more then just the money. I am in complete agreement with Adam when he tells the camera that Lamonte does NOT deserve the grand prize, which includes a Mazda and $13,333.33 each.

Viewers Revenge Stats
RV: Kina, Tori, Susie, Abe, Adam, David, Lamonte & Derek
Pit Crew: Veronica, Angel, Kristin*, Ivory*, Shane, Dan, , Jerry* & Mike*

Don't worry, the Pit Crew team didn't go home with nothing. Their team banked $20,000 during the last mission, which (when divided amongst 8 ppl) is $2,500 each. Hey, I'd be more then happy with that!!! AS FOR THE GRAND PRIZE....

Total $$ Won: $80,000 ($13,333.33 each)
Grand Prize: Mazda

kicked off
*has never been on the RV
Voted into the Pit
Veteren Cast Member

Saturday, May 05, 2007

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Viewers Revenge: Episode # 14, Pit Battle #13

Pit Battle #13 (Dan vs. David) was interesting, as it looked like Dan almost had a chance! But, no such luck, as David, once again, comes back on top. So back he goes to the RV.

Episode #14 opens with Kina, Tori, Susie, Adam and Derek in the RV, on their way to pick up the latest winner. When they see David, their reaction was surprisingly positive! One person says he deserves a spot on the RV after he has competed in the Pit all those times. Was it sincere, though? This was the 2nd to last mission of Viewers Revenge, which means people have reached an ungodly level of paranoia and selfishness. Calculated comments and strategy are at it's peak in this game. I think the RVers are starting to realize that David is a fucking pitbull in the Pit. They can vote him in as many times as they want, but will keep coming back, every time. He's not going anywhere, but every week, he grows angrier and angrier, and, as witnessed in last week's episode, at his breaking point. He's starting to lose it! He implies threats of throwing missions, which would mean someone else would have to go to the Pit with him, since that would mean they lost 2 in a row. Tori and Derek promise not to vote for him.

For the mission, the Roadies (RVers) headed to Las Vegas to do some stunts, which looked really fun, actually!!!! Unfortunately, Derek gets injured and when it is his and Kina's turn to go on those rope's, they don't touch, which was required to complete the mission. The Roadies end the mission with a total of 69 points, which means they lost, because 75 was required to complete the mission. They do NOT bank $20,000 and now, 2 people need to go to the Pit.

Of the non-injured, Kina did the worst on the mission. Tori tells the camera that she thinks Kina should step up and volunteer herself to go to the Pit. Kina acknowledges that she had a "bad day," but says she is not volunteering. So Tori volunteers, clearly pissed that Kina didn't take responsibility for fucking up. Can't blame her, regardless of how hard you've worked to win this $$$, have some fucking pride, Kina, take responsibility! Tori tells Derek she can't vote for him because he is injured, she promised David she wouldn't vote for him, so she won't, ", Adam, I am voting for you!" she finishes dramatically, through tears, of course. SOOOO....VOTE FOR WHO YOU WANT TORI AND ADAM TO BATTLE IN THEIR LAST PIT!

Viewers Revenge Stats
RV: Kina, Tori, Susie, Abe, Adam, David & Derek
Pit Crew: Veronica, Angel, Kristin*, Ivory*, Shane, Dan, Lamonte*, Jerry* & Mike*

*has yet to be on the RV
Voted into the Pit
Veteren Cast Member

Viewers Revenge: Vote!