Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Truth About Laguna Beach

You want the real reality of what happened that night in Cabo, when Alex M. confronted Jessica about Jason? Hint...It was more then just a kiss. Ok, so this goes waaay back to Season 2, but, according to an inside source, "Before Cabo they showed Jessica meeting Jason at the golf course. They hung out all day and later that night they went to a party at Talan's house. Talan was trying to pull a fast one and not invite the MTV producers to the party. At the party (while Jason is supposedly still dating Alex M) one of Alex M's friends walked in on Jessica giving Jason head in the bathroom. The friend that walked in immediately called Alex M and tell her. Alex M and Taylor jump into Taylor's car to go kick Jessica's ass but get pulled over by the cops [on the way]. Instead of playing it cool, Taylor throws the fake id she has in her wallet into the back seat. The cops get suspicious and ask her what it was, do a search of the car, find the fake id, interrogate Alex M and get her to admit she has a fake id too. Cuff both of them and take them down to the station where MTV has to bail them out. So in one night, Alex M found out that her boyfriendis a cheater and gets arrested." Not to mention loses her fake ID. Anyway, when Alex first found out about Jason, she happened to be at dinner with Kristin and Alex H. (as shown on MTV), and Alex M. tells them that Jason and Jessica hooked up. So, the next day, Kristin and Alex H. ask Jess about it and, as we see, she denies it. However, they later find out it's true, which is why they are not speaking to her on the trip to Cabo.

According to the source, other random Laguna Beach gossip includes:

-Laguna Beach is real, as in not scripted, but many of the situations are re-enacted or set up.

-Casey's step-dad created the frozen burrito.

-Deter is a camera whore. Anytime the producers put together a scene hetries to tag along to get face time.*

-MTV is hated around Laguna Beach. People that are not on the show are always throwing beer cans and stuff at the cameras.*

Ok, I'd like to add to this, actually, with my own personal knowledge. I've read on more then a few websites that Jason has been in and out of rehab more then a few times (hence why we didn't see him on the 1st season) and has a history of becoming violent-drunk. At one point, he apparently smashed Alex M's head into a wall, which may explain why, in one of the later episodes of Season 2, Alex M shows up @ LC's party, sees Jason and quickly leaves. He also does coke (duh) and LC's done it with him before (that's no surprise, though).

& with regards to Laguna Beach not being scriped, but scenes being set up, I read something on that, too. Jason admits Jessica was fake, and that they had really broken up a few weeks before that.

& I read some really good shit in October 2005 that answers a lot of general FAQ about Laguna Beach. Here it is:

Everything You Wanted to Know About Laguna Beach but Were Afraid to Ask

It Is Real...Kinda, Sorta: This "dramality" is real in the sense that the these are actual high school students and what we see is actually happening in their lives. What's not so real, according to show insiders, is how, where and when these things go down. Believe it or not, the castmembers only "work" Thursday through Sunday (How do I get on this show?), so important "scenes" are often delayed and then set up by producers to make sure they're caught on film.

A few key examples: The now infamous bonfire scene where Jessica first sees Alex M. and Jason together was completely orchestrated by producers. Before the bonfire, the crew spent hours lighting the beach and the mountains in the background before the kids were allowed to interact with each other. When Jason finally arrived, they told him how to enter the scene and where to go. Similarly, the big confrontation in Cabo between Jessica and Alex M. was specifically planned for that night. Producers saw the situation and knew Alex M. would confront Jessica, so they instructed her not to go off on her "man-stealing slut"/calling-the-kettle-black tirade until the cameras were ready.

There's a Reason They Giggle: My spies tell me most of the scenes with the guys or girls talking about a specific dishy subject (like Kristin telling Alex H. how she makes guys like Talan fall in love with her; or Alex M. and Taylor bitching about Kacy; and again, not that I watch this show) are coached by producers. They light the scene, get the cameras rolling, then say, "Talk about why Alex is so mad at you" or "Talk about why Kristin is such a bitch."

This off-camera coaching is actually the reason we often see castmembers laughing when they talk about serious situations. (Kristin, in particular, does it a lot.) They've just been instructed on what to talk about, and it just feels...odd.

The Castmembers Are Bona Fide Celebrities: If the picture at right is any indication, these kids have become big-time A-listers on the Hollywood party circuit. Just ask our Party Girl, they're always on the list. Not only are the LB kids hangin' with Paris and Nicole and Lindsay these days, they can go anywhere and everywhere they want, no matter their age and how many people they bring, and, of course, it's all free.

Most of the castmembers are now living in L.A., partying and pursuing Hollywood dreams with their managers, agents and publicists. While Alex M. is meeting this very week with a few record companies, including Atlantic Records, the rest are trying to become actors, including Kristin,who told me at a recent Us Weekly party, "I wanna do movies. It's been going pretty well. I'm reading some scripts right now and taking acting classes, so it's in the process."

[Dishy side note: Kristin is repped by the same publicist as Lindsay Lohan, and my sources tell me the story Kristin told Rolling Stone--about Lindsay flipping out when she saw Kristin in Talan's bed--is 100 percent true. It happened last spring, so these kids have been mixing with the Hollywood crowd for a long time now.]

All this Hollywood hoopla hasn't exactly been welcomed by the producers, who have fought tooth and nail--with increased pay and exclusivity contracts--to keep these regular kids from becoming stars, since it ruins the original concept of the show. And now they have a serious dilemma on their hands because...

They Are Planning a Third Season: Show insiders tell me producers are currently negotiating their individual contracts for season three and have to figure out how to shoot another season, given that their current cast have all graduated and are bed-hopping their way into Us Weekly. I'm told they're toying with the idea of introducing a few new kids that are seniors this year (they're casting now), but ultimately, the show will focus on the current cast, living in Los Angeles, and will pop back into Laguna from time to time. They'll try to focus on the drama that doesn't involve Hollywood or Lindsay or Paris. So, expect a lot of teeth brushing and butt scratching.

There Are Storylines You Don't See: Even though we've never seen it on the show, Stephen and Jason are actually good friends. So much so that Stephen is perfectly fine with the fact that Jason and Stephen's former flame LC have been getting, um, cozy, from time to time (I'm guessing because he still has the hots for Kristin).

The Kids Aren't as Wealthy as They're Made Out to Be: Word is, one of the castmembers actually lives in a trailer park, and most of the castmembers live fairly middle-income existences (at least by O.C. standards). That said, LC and Kristin are seriously loaded. So loaded, in fact, that according to my spies, they're somewhat competitive--when LC's family built that humongous house overlooking the Pacific, Kristin's family felt the need to follow suit.*

*Source quoted

Trapped in the Closet, Parts 1-5

Does anyone R. Kelly's mini-series a couple years ago called Trapped in the the Closet? I haven't seen all of it, but from what I did see, it's soooo good. I'm posting it in parts.

Below are Parts 6-7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12 & Part 13-22, in downward order.

Trapped In the Closet, Part 6-7

Trapped in the Closet, Part 8

Trapped in the Closet, Part 9

Trapped in the Closet, Part 10

Trapped in the Closet, Part 11

Trapped in the Closet, Part 12

Trapped in the Closet, Part 13-22

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What You Mean...We Robbin You!

For some reason, I found this video hilarious. "Young man, get out of here now!" & look @ his sidekick, he jumps back about 5 feet when his friend fires a shot. Clearly, this is their 1st time. I'll bet they were surprised enough that this woman seemed more angry then scared, but I'll bet the biggest shock of all was that they ended up on CNN less then an hour later, with the woman they robbed giving an interview.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Spencer's Vicious Rant About LC

Courtesy of

“For all you Haters- Please feel free to Hate on me here on my blog/board were I actually read comments! I think it’s great place for people who can’t stand me to vent and get whatever they have to say off their chest! If it makes you feel better. But if you hate me because you think I ruined Lauren and Heidi friendship…you have your facts all wrong!

Lauren ruined Heidi and Laurens friendship when she told Heidi that she could not be friends with her as long as she dated me…the fact is Lauren is in LOVE with Heidi…she used to scream at Heidi if she left her alone one night…she used to ask to get in bed with Heidi and I to cuddle in the mornings…believe what you want…when those cameras turn off LC(BEEF CURTAINS) is a completely different person…

she goes back to being the spoiled brat that made her famous on Laguna Beach…excuse me…the famous Boyfriend stealer. The funny thing to me is that she says we use her for attention…when she is the one in USWeekly this week talking about Heidi and I for 6 pages…talk about a desperate loser that needs to get her own relationship to worry about OR TALK ABOUT…

I mean this girl has not had one functional relationship in her whole life and she is going to try and tell Heidi how to live her life and relationships!HA The LC is a pathetic wannabe fashion designer…who can’t even dress herself and look good…how is she going to design a line…ha…it should be called BEEF CURTAINS by LC…

I only call her this because this is what people like Brody Jenner, Steven Coletti, and Jason Whaler all go around calling her…IT’S SAD that she destroyed the SEX TAPE that DID EXIST…because those BEEF CURTAINS would have made her real FAMOUS! I hate even talking about LC(BEEF CURTAINS) but she continues to talk about Heidi and I in all her interviews…so until she shuts her ugly mouth…

I am going to continue to tell the world the truth about LC! This is a WARNING to LC… her dad aka JOE SIMPSON JR. , Manager, Agent, and Publisist that you better warn your client that she is starting a WAR that she doesn’t want…SO STOP TALKING ABOUT HEIDI AND MYSELF…