Sunday, December 02, 2007

Interview With Trisha Cummings

Now, you and Parisa have this sort of on-again, off-again friendship. Can you tell us, at least now, what the status is of your relationship is with her?

Um, now we’re friends actually. We were in New York together for the premiere and it's kind of just like made amends and just called it even. You know, it’s just hard when you live with someone that is kind of outside of your box. If we knew each other before the show, we would probably be good friends. But living together, and us both being such strong minded and opinionated people ... if you put two people like that in a house that are both really strong minded and both really opinionated but both have very different opinions and are both very strong minded about different issues ... you’re going to have conflict no matter what, you know?

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