Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Viewer's Revenge - Episode #4 & Pit Battle #3

So as most of you know, *Tori* wins Pit Battle #3. So *Veronica* has yet ANOTHER week in the Pit Crew. I miss her! Dan put it perfectly in the Launch Special when he told Veronica she was the devil and egotistical, & how it was kind of attractive but so angering. hahaha. Anyway, as she mentions in the Pit Battle, she "can't stand" Kina. Me, either, to be honest! She's very dramatic, fake and hypocritical, in my opinion. She needs to learn to control herself and stop acting like a 5 year old every time things don't go her way. She's layed pretty low with the drama this time, though. She's intimidated by Veronica and I think it's good because that keeps her princess attitude in check.
If you read Kina's blog, you will see that she is, indeed, excited to go compete in The Pit. The blogs are an aspect of VW I've been meaning to tell you about-each cast member of both the RV and the Pit Crew have been blogging their thoughts on the week's episode, including what they thought of the mission, who they don't like, inside gossip, etc. The blogs are open to comments from viewers, so comment if you want! As covered in this last episode (Episode #4, you know the drill, click to watch) Kina was apparently upset by some of the viewer's comments that she reads on her blog. I've read some of them, they're harsh, but *shrug* if you're gonna act like a bitch, you gotta deal with people treating you like one.
Anyway, the rest of the RV seems cool with Kina volunteering herself. *Dan* is happy because he & Tori have been getting pretty chummy...budding romance, anyone? After he completes the mission, Tori does mention he may get lucky tonight. I'm sure he was a happy camper when he watched that on TV a few days later! *Adam* (yawn, he bores me half to death) did well. *Susie* was good. I have yet to read Shane's blog, I kinda wanna hear what he thinks of all this! He didn't get much airtime on this episode.

You can also look @ the Photo Gallery for this episode, as well as past episodes. Each cast member also has their individual photos.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Viewer's Revenge - Episode #1 & Pit Battle #1

So the 1st Episode (click to watch) begins with 6 veterens are assigned their first mission. I hate explaining mission-details so if you are really that curious you can watch it here. Anyway, if they complete the mission, the team wins an automatic 10 grand. It is not until after they finish, however, that they are told that even though they have won the 10 grand, 2 people (1 boy, 1 girl) must still be voted into the Pit. The girls will decide vote for which boy they want gone and visa versa. Susie and Kina vote for Shane, much to Veronica's disadvantage. When the guys meet, Abe announces that he is voting for Veronica because she has lied to him many times, "blatantly." Adam votes for Veronica as well, leaving Shane's vote no say. When the 6 meet up again to share their votes, each say who they individually voted for. Abe looks Veronica straight in the eye and says, "Veronica, I voted for you."
"Ok," she replies calmly. I think Veronica is a little intimidated by Abe. Or, she knows not to mess with him, anyway. She has no problem bullying the rest of the cast, though, as each of them share their vote. Shane gets diva and joins Veronica, asking why their supposed "alliance" is any more threatening then the obvious alliance between Susie, Kina and Adam. Adam gets defensive and Veronica, like the vulture she is, senses a weakness and immidiately preys. "Are you not satisfied with your vote, Adam?" She challenges that he should have no reason to be defensive, adding ominously that this vote "sets the tone" for the rest of the game. Oooohhh Veronica, NOT. Honestly, I wish her team would challenge her more. What the hell is she talking about with "sets the tone." What tone? What are you gonna do, Veronica? There's no Rachel here to save you this time. Stop threatening ppl like a 5 year old who acts up when he doesn't get the toy he wants. She's entertaining as hell though so I kind of like her anyway. Kina's not her usual firey self. Susie is sweet as always. The episode concludes with Shane waving offwith an "adios" to the camera's as the 2 friends head to the Pit, Veronica waving her middle finger in the air.

Shane and *Veronica* enter the Pit, where, if you watch (see link below) Shane looked nervous as hell. Surprisingly, the viewers voted Veronica into the Pit. The viewers voted Tori to go against her. So Veronica and Tori duke it out in the Pit Battle #1. Tori wins, which brings her to the RV and sends Veronica's ass to the Pit Crew.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


MTV is famous for it's creation of one of the first, original reality TV shows, The Real World, which first aired in 1992 and is the longest running program in the history of MTV. Stemming from The Real World are 2 "sister" shows, if you will, both of which I will be covering in this blog. The first of 2 is Road Rules, which first aired in 1995. Road Rules is (finally) back for it's 14th season, which is entitled Road Rules: Viewer's Revenge. But this time, they are doing something a little different. Instead of being filmed over their usual 3-6 month period and then airing 6 months later, Viewer's Revenge is filmed weekly and the latest episode is aired during that same week. (If you miss an episode you can catch up by watching them online here on MTV OverDrive. I watch the newest episode every week, though, so I'll give you a basic episode recap if MTV is too slow.) ANYWAY, the reason that Viewer's Revenge will be filmed weekly and aired accordingly is because the who goes home won't be decided until the end of the week. Who decides? YOU. There have only been a few episodes, so I'm not completely used to the dynamic of this show yet, but I'll give you the basic process of how all this works: Basically, the show consists of a total of 12 castmembers. 6 New, 6 "Veterens" (former participants in Real World or Road Rules). The Veterens are the Starting 6 (Adam, Abe**, Shane, Veronica*, Susie and Kina) which means they will be begin in the RV, aka CAMERA TIME. They must complete a mission successfully in order to win $10 grand. Then comes the dramatic twist....dundundun: Regardless of whether the mission is won or lost, 1 castmember must be voted out of the RV and into what is known as the Pit Crew. You should watch the Launch Special to get to know the the Pit cast members a little better, but I'll give you basic info and my general impression of all of them right now.

Angel - pretty but boring, didn't rub me 1 way or another.
Dan - served in Iraq, which grabbed my attention right away because I always wonder how ppl adapt to civilian life, post-combat.
David - Fun to be around, but a little immature & attention-starved.
Ivory - Oh god...hahaha. We all know the type, semi-creepy lesbian who's not shy about who she likes. Candidly admits she thinks Kina's hott and would "give it to her good." I like her, though, & think she'll be great for TV.
Jerry - apparently a ladies man. I'd like to see him on the RV.
Kristin - annoying. Likes to makes statements about herself about how she's "small but mighty." *eyeroll* shut the f*ck up.
LaMonte - Fiesty! Not shy @ all, very comfortable on camera. I like him!
Tori - Former Beauty Queen. She seems nice.

The Pit Crew sucks because they do not get to compete in missions nor do they get camera time. There is no point in being there if you are going to spend your time in the Pit. ANYWAY, in order to decide the Pit Crew contestents, the 3 girls in the RV must decide which guy they want in the Pit Crew, and the 3 guys must decide which girl they want in the Pit Crew. At the end of each episode, there are 2 potential Pit Crew contestents, but only one will be chosen. So who decides? THAT'S WHERE YOU COME IN! Each week Vote! for which of the 2 contestents you want to stay in the RV, and which 1 you want in the Pit Crew. You must also vote for which Pit Crew member you want to see in the RV. (Note: If you want to get to know all 6 Pit Crew members, watch the Launch Special on MTV Overdrive--the link is somewhere earlier in this post).

Each new episode airs on Tuesdays, @ 9PM (EST). The votes for both Pit Crew and RV members (meaning each viewer votes twice a week) are tallied up by Saturdays online, and whoever is voted into the Pit Crew by the viewers (you!) will battle it out with whoever the viewers (you!!!!) voted to come up/back to the RV. The winner of the battle will have a spot in the RVfor at least 2 weeks. The loser will go to the Pit Crew.

Ok. I think that about covers Viewers Revenge. I will talk more about what I'm going to cover in my next post and also provide some updates on each episode of Viewers Revenge. All for now!

*Voted into Pit Crew
**Kicked off