Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Shopping With Speidi

Yesterday, Spencer and Heidi decided to get in festive, Holiday Spirit and buy a Christmas tree! Click here for more photos. I love how they are wearing a T-Shirt and a light sweater. Christmas in La La Land!

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Lauren Looks Back

On Sunday, December 9, (a day before The Hills season finale, which will be on Monday, December 10) MTV will be airing a special, The Hills: Lauren Looks Back, from 12-2pm.    According to MTV, “The 2-hour special is a video scrapbook of Lauren coming-of-age. Featuring footage from both hit series, Laguna Beach and The Hills, Lauren narrates her story, reflecting on her wistful, yet complicated romance with Stephen Colletti, her tumultuous relationship with Jason Wahler and her present-day dizzying flirtations with Brody Jenner.” 

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Discovery | News,Pic,Hot girls » Heidi And Spencer In Song Snafu

Discovery | News,Pic,Hot girls » Heidi And Spencer In Song Snafu

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Party On Party Dresses: Lustworthy LBDs

Lauren Conrad is the queen of Little Black Dresses. She wears them often and she wears them well. LBDs are tricky because if the silhouette is uninteresting, or unflattering, your look can turn out quite trite. That is unless you pile on colorful accessories: fuchsia shoes, a metallic belt, a satin clutch.

Any girl can pull off a Lustworthy LBD, whether you're shy, sassy or craving attention. A dash of red lipstick and you'll be the siren all the boys will want to smooch at midnight.


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Whitney Talks Politics, LC Talks the Show

Look, we gossers are gaga over The Hills, really, so please forgive this unofficial special column informally put together as a nail-clawing tribute to the boob-tube treat. ‘Cause, ya see, it also appears Whitney P really is the brightest blondie-babe o’ the bunch. At least that’s what we think after asking what issues she’s most concerned about in the upcoming election: “I think the two main ones right now are obviously the abortion rights, and I think it’s really important that women have the rights that they deserve,” Whit answered, as if she weren’t a member of her own sex, but whatev.

“And health insurance is also a big thing right now,” Whit-hon continued, like a beacon of scarlet wisdom in her vibrant frock and high heels. “I think all citizens of the United States, no matter who they are, should have equal rights to it.”
Whitney for Ms. America!

Read the Rest

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Whitney and Lauren @ LAX

This picture was taken last week @ LAX, while they were filming The Hills. 

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Heidi's Clothing Line Scheduled to Launch in Spring 2008

I posted earlier about Heidiwood, Heidi Montag's clothing line, that she plans to open in Spring 2008.  Read more about it here.

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Audrina Rejected From Hyde

Back to the "Hills!" -- Audrina Rejected! -

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How Does It Feel?

She was arrested last year, for shoplifting and prescription pills. Apparently, Spencer was furious with her, and wouldn't speak to her for a while after that. It was a "black mark" on the family's reputation. HAHAH. Ohhhh the irony, the Pratts, who are both, as we saw in last night's episode, camera whores and publicity hounds to the MAX, are about to experience the dark side of fame. Stephanie, you want publicity? You got it.

Looks like the Pratts are about to learn the long-overdue lesson that not all publicity is good publicity.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

According to LagunaBeachTheHills...

Paris Hilton puts face to the saying, "90% of life is showing up."  She's everywhere, whether it be the tabloids, calendar, modeling, Simple Life, MTV Spring Break or Larry Knig Live (to name a few) Paris doesn't stay out of the limelight for long.  So I guess it should be no surprise that, according to reports, she wanted to try and guest star an episode of the The Hills. 

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BMP sends out a casting call for Real World 21 and Road Rules 15

According to Real World/Road Rules Blog:
Although MTV hasn't given its greenlight yet, Bunim-Murray Productions is already accepting applications for The Real World 21 and Road Rules 15. Check out their website, which has a small casting notice.

This would mean that Real World would continue going after its twentieth season and sixteenth year. Also, ever since Viewers' Revenge mostly disappointed fans, there hasn't been much talk about renewing the series. At least not yet. The casting notice suggests that Road Rules may very well be brought back as well.

So far, Hollywood and Gauntlet 3 are the last two productions to be filmed.

I hate that idea for so many reasons. The whole "What ever happened to the person whose job that once was?" Now the general public has taken that away from him/her. Also, I don't think the public is necessarily qualified to know what mix of personalties necessarily make good TV. & the website is all dependent on who is on the front of the site, basically, because most people are too lazy to do an in-depth search.

It's kinda fucked up. I'm not looking forward to the upcoming Real World.

Just to contradict myself a little, I am excited that Road Rules is back, regardless of how it is chosen, because I've missed it, although Viewers Revenge sucked ass. That should have been a lesson to MTV of why not to give it's viewers a say in production.

Well Well Well

I Had To See It To Believe It

Spencer Pratt is indeed, serving Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless in LA. He's growing on me. I think the public is starting to warm up to him more, too, judging by last week's after-show of the Hills, where I noticed more ppl seemed sympathetic to Spencer's actions and willing to believe in the sincerity of his feelings for Heidi (which we must all admit are questionable sometimes). He's an attention-whore. But we're beginning to see a more humane side.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Coral Will Be on MTV Tomorrow

She'll be hosting the Real World: Sydney marathon on Saturday, November 17, on MTV at 11AM EST. 

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jason Wahler Gets Out Of Jail

Jason Wahler was released from Seattle jail on Tuesday, November 13, after serving 20 days (out of a 30 day sentence) for an assault-related arrest in April, which, according to reports, involved roughing up a hotel security guard. His time was served and Jason Wahler is now a free man.

Good Taste In Books


Set Designer On The Hills Has Good Taste In Books
Jossip, NY - 7 hours ago
Um, did you see The Hills this week? OMG, Heidi totally tried to apologize to Lauren for the whole sex tape thing, Lauren was all like, “I want to forgive ...

Hair of the Dogged - E! Online

E! Online

Hair of the Dogged
E! Online - 1 hour ago
... while Britney Spears gets growled at yet more (like barking at this broad does bupkes, please) and we've got dirt on who's doing whom on The Hills! ...

Lo And Behold: The Hills Sidekick Tells All!

"I never liked Heidi; I always thought she was insincere."
Interview With Lo Bosworth of The Hills

Heidi Montag Dreams of Winning An Academy Award

Heidi Montag's Dream: Win An Academy Award

A girl can dream, can't she?

Heidi Montag Opens Her Own Clothing Line

Apparently, Heidiwood (that's what she's calling it) will be linked with a retail chain called Anchor Blue. It will be much less expensive then Lauren Conrad's ridiculously overpriced clothing line, which is basically jersey-material sweats in the form of dresses, leggings and shirts. Just to give you an idea, she charges $48 for a simple pair of black leggings. I think I'll stick to the $26 ones at American Apparel, thanks.

Heidiwood's prices, on the other hand, will range anywhere from $10-$60. I'll be sure to check it out when it opens.

Heidi and Spencer: All Down Hills in Vegas -

Heidi and Spencer, that irksome couple from the sorta reality show "The Hills," ventured out of California this past weekend -- and to TMZ's surprise and horror, the couple we love to hate turned out to be nice. Damn them!
Read the rest @

Includes a video

The Show Is Not Fake | The Hills' Lauren Conrad Declares: "The Show Is Not Fake"

"There have been some rumors in the press about The Hills being fake. Many of you have been asking me if the rumors are true. There are false rumors every week about me and I can’t address every rumor out there, but I feel like this was important for me to respond to. The show is not fake and this is really my life."

There was also a poll done about whether The Hills is real or fake, and it's split right down the middle, with 52% saying real, 48% saying it's fake.

There are only 2 choices: Real or Fake, which is interesting because, in terms of the show, it all depends on how you define Fake. I chose Real, because I don't think the show is scripted. I do, however, know for a fact that certain scenes and situations are set up and pre-planned. What the cast members do during the scenes, how they interact, etc. is not scripted, though, in my opinion. I also think that sometimes the cast members feel awkward on camera which is why sometimes the fights or confrontations seem a bit staged.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Hills - Episode #14

That's it, I'm officially on Team Heidi. Lauren is being the pettiest bitch. Why invite someone over to your apartment if you're just gonna bitch them out?

Want a T-Shirt? Go Here or Here. They've got shirts of anything from Team Heidi and Team Lauren to Spencer is a Tool and Team Justin-Bobby. For all tastes, opinions and sizes!

Isaac Opens His Own Website

Isaac Stout - MTV Real World - Sydney, Australia

this is what is says: Note: If Isaac is online on MySpace, then it is truly him in the Chat


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Not Another Reality Party!

click for pics
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt of The Hills were spotted going out last night to Jet nightclub inside the Mirage Resort in Las Vegas. I hate to say it, but they’re actually looking waaaay better than they usually do on the show. ...

Good For Her

She's been seen a lot with him recently....

TRA LA LA Exclusive: Brody Jenner Reveals New Shaved Head and ...


The Hills
’ Brody Jenner was in Atlanta this past Saturday night with Frankie Delgado at The Velvet Room. Brody arrived on the scene revealing a newly shaved head at the event, looking even 10 times hotter than he already looked on The ... » The Hills Hits H&M » The Hills Hits H&M

Truth is greater with fiction - Baltimore Sun

Truth is greater with fiction
Baltimore Sun, United States - 12 hours ago
By Anne Tallent | Sun reporter November 11, 2007 Reality starlet Audrina Partridge swears The Hills, MTV's highest-rated show, is real. ...

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The Word: Marc Jacobs is no 'Hill'-billy -

The Word: Marc Jacobs is no 'Hill'-billy, NY - 2 hours ago
So did every girl’s best friend, Marc Jacobs, enjoy being on MTV’s “The Hills” two weeks ago? Not exactly. We caught up with the designer at Cipriani Wall ...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Whiteney Adds Her 2 Cents

Spencer & Heidi Aren't As Bad As They Seem

Lauren's Side

Wait, is she serious? That's the reason why she's convinced it was Heidi and Spencer? Dude, I don't buy it anymore. Not after Heidi explained herself in the interview below. & not after, before Lauren even accused them, Spencer and Heidi said that they'd heard the rumors and and didn't believe them.
LC Boo Hoos, Pooh-Poohs Sex Tape Rumor
Posted Apr
11th 2007 1:11PM
Filed under: Celebrity

Conrad has named a former friend as a culprit in
spreading rumors of a sex
tape featuring the "Hills" star and her ex,
multi-arrestee Jason Wahler. The annoyed LC denies the
existence of the tape.In an
interview with
magazine, sources close to LC say she's "pointing the
finger" at
former friend Heidi Montag and BF Spencer Pratt, because Montag was
the "one
person who didn't reach out"
after news of the tape broke. Watch your
back in them thar Hills! Montag and Pratt denied any wrongdoing ... and so
no sex tape has surfaced.

Heidi Montag: I Didn't Leak LC's Sex Tape! -

Published April 18, 2007

Read it

A Different Side To Heidi & Spencer

I just came across this. The interview was originally published in TeamSugar on April 12, 2007, when the sex-tape rumors about Lauren were 1st going around. I don't know if many people have seen this, but it certainely paints a different picture of Spencer and Heidi. The highlighted part made me think again.

-Written by Shea of
For months, I have written some not so nice things about The Hills star, Spencer Pratt. In fact, should you choose to Google his name, this very site is the number two search result (it was number one prior to the interview, but Radar beat me since… damn) and it’s not because I’ve been repeatedly singing his praises. But I decided to put my preconceived notions behind me and see if I could wrangle an interview with Spencer himself. And I did. I had the pleasure of not only speaking with Spencer, but chatting with Heidi as well. That’s right- I said pleasure. They were both gracious, fun and very eager to tell their side of the story.
We chatted casually about their life together, Heidi’s friendship with Lauren Conrad and what you didn’t see on The Hills.
MTV Reality World: People have pretty strong opinions and perceptions about the way you are both portrayed on TV. How accurate do you think that portrayal is and what do you think is the biggest misconception that viewers have?
Heidi: People don’t know every side. It’s a reality show of several people’s lives. It’s accurate of who we are, but sometimes the situations can be misconstrued. It is 20 minute edited drama. They can’t show everything.
Spencer: Heidi and I had just started hanging out when the show started taping and we really liked each other, but suddenly I was considered her boyfriend. We were flirting all the time, following the rules of being single. We were both seeing other people at the same time. We were both players- she was playing the game with me. Heidi has game! She changed her phone number on me 3 times during the show. Reality TV doesn’t follow us 24 hours a day. It’s in pieces that they put together to make a show. The bottom line is I was not doing that stuff to my girlfriend. We were seeing each other and other people.
Heidi: One of the first nights I saw him at Area he came with Audrina and I hadn’t talked to her all summer. I was so mad that she showed up with him. I really liked him that summer…
Spencer: I did show up with Audrina because Heidi changed her phone number on me!
Heidi: When we talk about being players, we mean we’re light and fun and we don’t get mad about not texting each other back and things like that. We like funny shenanigans. In the beginnings of everyone relationship, there’s a lot of kinks. We just happened to go through it on camera with a lot of that being shown. Everyone calls us a married couple because we are always together.
MTV Reality World: What did MTV edit out of the show that you wish everyone had seen?
Heidi: I wish they would have shown more of how Spencer and I are together. We’re fun. We laugh all the time. We’re always doing things together. We don’t fight a lot. We have our ups and downs like every couple, but most of all, our relationship is close to perfect.
MTV Reality World: Heidi, where do you and Lauren stand today? Still friends?
Heidi: Lauren and I are friends, we just don’t see each other a lot. We both have separate lives, me living with Spencer and her living with Audrina. We’re both trying to work on our friendship.
MTV Reality World: What is the status with you and Audrina? Still friends?
Heidi: I really like Audrina. She’s better friends with Lauren since they live together. I really love Whitney. I love all the girls. Whitney and I hang out sometimes because our boyfriends are friends.
MTV Reality World: The big question – is The Hills coming back for season 3 and, if so, what can we look forward to seeing?
Heidi: We are doing a season 3 and it will show Spencer and I living together - the things that couples go through right when they first move in. They go through fights – the toilet seat being left up and stuff like that. It will show all of the girls at our jobs. It’s going to show me working on my album with David Foster too.
MTV Reality World: Heidi, tell me more about your upcoming album.
Heidi: I’m working with David Foster with 143 Records under Warner. The album will be out hopefully in September. It’s very pop - hot, fun fresh, young, and sexy. It’s gonna be a lot of entertainment – a lot of dancing similar to the Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears.
MTV Reality World: Spencer, I take you to be a wheeling and dealing kind of guy. What projects do you have in the works?
Spencer: My new plan to keep everything secret like a ninja. Too many ideas are taken from me. I wouldn’t even know where to start with that one. My hustle is just too crazy. I’m trying to take over the world.
MTV Reality World: Let’s talk about your relationship. We all have a very skewed idea of what life is like for you both. How are you like every other couple in America and how are you different? What does an average day consist of for you guys?
Heidi: I love talking about this! We’re getting ready right now to get into our new apartment. I think we’re better than the average couple in America - our brains work the same way. We like to be happy have fun. I never knew I could be so in love or so happy. I never knew… We have so much fun together. We’re inseparable. We’re always laughing and having a good time.
MTV Reality World: What’s in the future for you guys?
Heidi: I’m never letting this one go!
Spencer: The bottom line about me wanting to move in with her is that I haven’t left this girl’s side since I met her. I’m obsessed with her. Everyone says I can’t get into the clubs anymore, but the truth is I don’t go to clubs anymore because I like to cuddle up in bed with my girlfriend with some DVDs.
Heidi: I wouldn’t want to go to clubs anymore. I have so much more fun watching DVDs with Spencer and cuddling.
MTV Reality World: I understand you have some blogs coming out. What can we look forward to seeing there?
Spencer: Well, I want to start to have our side of the story come out. I want to get a blog so people can know what’s going on with Spencer on the daily. Lauren narrates The Hills. Spencer is going to narrate his blog. Imagine if Spencer narrated The Hills… It’s how you skew it. If I’m the narrator, wait to see how much people love Spencer.
MTV Reality World: How has the show changed your lives?
Heidi: People recognize us when we go out.
Spencer: They notice us for being in love… I’ve never been this in love in my whole life. Heidi is the sexiest girl I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t leave Heidi for those Playboy bunnies. I wouldn’t leave Heidi for the Playboy mansion!
MTV Reality World: Ok, I’m going to get personal for a minute… Heidi, there are rumors all over the internet that you had a breast augmentation last week. Do you want to comment on that?
Heidi: No comment.
MTV Reality World: This week, the latest rumor on the web is that Lauren and Jason filmed a sex tape that Jason was trying to sell. Is there anything that you guys want to say about that?
Spencer: We heard the tape does not exist and we’re here for Lauren and we feel bad that these rumors are going on.
MTV Reality World: Ok, I’m opening up the floor. Here’s your chance to say whatever you want to the fans.
Spencer: People need to realize that you can’t judge someone just from what you see on TV.
Heidi: People need to realize that we’re in the entertainment industry, period.
MTV Reality World: Anything else?
Spencer: I think we should end it with Heidi is the cutest girl in the world. The end.

Jason Wahler Turns Himself In, Begins Jail Sentence - The Hollywood Gossip

Jason Wahler Turns Himself In, Begins Jail Sentence - The Hollywood Gossip

This is old--as in October 29, 2007.  Buuuut looks like that's where he'll be spending the rest of the month, as it is a 30 day sentence. 

It Gets Worse

OMG Are They Serious?

How do people get so ridiculous? Yes, that is Spencer rapping. The song itself isn't that bad, it has a good beat, anyway. A gift I have is that I know talent when I see it (don't really have it, but I can spot it). Like, last year, I went to a Celtics game and there was a rookie who played for maybe 10 minutes, & just in watching him, I asked my Dad why the coach didn't play him more. Sure enough, this year he's a star. Heidi, you don't have it. & Spencer, stick to reality TV. Seriously, I am embarrassed for him.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Looks Like Audrina's Moved On

E! - Party Girl - Toying with Love and Videogames

Speidi Party it Up in Vegas

Celebrity Photo Gallery | The Gossip Girls

Spencer & Heidi Sex Tape?

According to US Magazine, that's the latest rumor. I believe it. I can picture it now: Publicity-whore Spencer gets jealous when he realizes all the press Lauren is getting over the whole sex tape fiasco, so he decides to spread a rumor about himself! I wouldn't put it past him. He even posted it on his site. How much more attention-starved can a person be?

I'm beginning to think he was severely neglected as a child.

Sneak-Peak of Lauren & Heidi Fight

US Weekly provides a minute-long video clip of the Monday's upcoming episode of The Hills. Lauren tells Heidi she's a bad person. I have to say, I am getting sick of Lauren's gruge-holding petty drama. It's a sex tape, that they supposedly didn't even make! Although, honestly, I question that they didn't make it, if she's making such a big deal out of it. Why be so upset over a rumored tape if it doesn't even exist? I mean, maybe she feels betrayed by what was supposed to be her BFF, but I honestly don't think Heidi had anything to do with the rumors. It was all Spencer, in my opinion, he's the biggest shit-talker ever, especially about Lauren, although I think he's just one of those people that loves to shit-talk people in general.

However, in a much more recent report (November 7) in Star Magazine, it seems Lauren and Heidi have worked out their differences after all. A week before Halloween, they were seen together, laughing and hugging and doing what friends do. Sooooo, I'm assuming they made up. I wonder what Spencer thinks.

Some people think they are just fighting for publicity, but honestly, I just think they've probably worked out their differences since then. I'm not sure how far in advance The Hills is filmed, but I know the footage is not up-to-the-week recent.

Audrina & Justin-Bobby Are Done

According to an exclusive interview in US Weekly, the last straw for Audrina was the very-public (video) fight with Justin-Bobby (ugh...just his name says enough) was leaked a couple weeks ago. According to a source who was there, the fight started when she caught him making out with some girl, and when she confronted him about it, he laughed in her face. Ew. What a dick. I never liked him.