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The Moment OMG!| The Moment Meets Whitney Port « - T Magazine - New York Times Blog

The Moment OMG!| The Moment Meets Whitney Port « - T Magazine - New York Times Blog


Where do you shop in LA?

I do a lot of vintage shopping. There’s this dress shop called Shareen’s Vintage — I get a lot of stuff there. And American Rag and a place called Bleu.

Do you buy designer stuff?

It gets really expensive. I live near places like Vionnet and Curve. I’ll get a couple of pieces from there and I’ll have them forever.

Rumor has it you’re getting phased out of “The Hills.” Please, say it’s not true.

That’s all just rumor. I’m still going to be continuing filming.

How do you feel about the Heidi/Spencer/Lauren ugliness?

It’s none of my business. I’ll be there to lend an ear to Lauren. Other than that, there’s no place for me in that situation.

Is any of that feud actually real?

It’s real; it’s very sad. Really. Sad. It’s sad — they were once best friends.

What’s your job at Teen Vogue?

I’m a fashion consultant. It’s kind of a freelance thing — I’ll do anything from styling at photo shoots or working behind the scenes…. Being the communicator between the West Coast and the East Coast.

What’s next for you at Teen Vogue?

I think Amy [Astley, Teen Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief] thinks [Lauren and I] are maybe getting too old for the magazine. It’s a teen magazine — I’m 22.

Want to come work at T? You’re hired.

Sure, I’d love to.

What’s next professionally?

I don’t know if I want to stay working in magazines. It’s a really hard business. [Ed: Amen, girl.] I learned that I really enjoy styling. I’m not sure if I’ll continue doing it for magazines or if I’ll do it on my own. Or celebrity styling?

Are you on Facebook?

No. I was in college but I took myself off.

How famous are you right now? Scale of one to 10?

Three. I don’t get super attention anywhere. One or two paparazzi — but I wouldn’t consider that a lot. When you’re in LA you’re one among so many celebrities. So I’m like nothing.

What’s the scoop on you dating Ben Lyons?

There is really no scoop. He was a nice guy for a little while but I’m not really seeing anyone.

Do you watch “Gossip Girl”?

I watched it and I thought it was so cheesy. My sister loves it…. I’ve also heard that they’re a little corny, the outfits.

Whitney, you need to reconsider “Gossip Girl.” Seriously. What TV shows do you watch?

I’ll watch “The Hills” episode once or twice a couple of days before it comes out.… I watch “Project Runway,” I watch “Top Chef.”

Hey, those earrings are cool.

It’s kind of embarrassing, but they could be from Kitson. I hate Kitson.

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