Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Shinan in L.A: Taking to The Hills - Shinan

LOS ANGELES -Reality TV's sacrificial lamb, Lauren Conrad, is sitting a nose away from me on a sofa. Her hair is deeply conditioned; her teeth, whiter than the NHL. The look, as a whole, is gofugyourself-proof.Lolling in the VIP section of the L.A. club Area, as she waits to appear on the after-show that follows the omigod season finale of The Hills, someone offers her something from a cheese tray. Our Lauren -- our lovely, means-well-but-some-times-wee-too-judgmental Lauren -- looks tempted, but then lets out a dirty look."Oh, I don't like that," she says. Reality! Check!
Shinan in L.A: Taking to The Hills - Shinan

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