Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Spencer Pratt on the Radio

Spencer Pratt on the Radio Today! Listen to it, it's not long, about 15 minutes. & it's NOT boring.

  • There are gonna be 8 new episodes of The Hills.
  • He and Heidi are not together, she is with her family in Colorodo for the holidays.
  • He is trying to win Heidi back.
  • He and Heidi took a 2 week break...(so I guess they've seen each other since, I know they have, but are not together?)

I feel like such an idiot, but with all the very-recent tabloid photos of them together, I could have sworn they had gotten back together. Guess I was wrong...
Those of you who refuse to take Spencer seriously based on first impressions of Season 2, trust me, I was there with you at the start of Season 3! Over the course of the season, however, he has managed to change my mind. For all of you who question his feelings for Heidi, listen to the interview (see above). He sounded pretty torn up about the whole thing. *shrug*

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