Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Irony of the Hated Spencer Pratt

Ya know, I was just's interesting how, out of all the boyfriends shown throughout The Hills, there have been 4 main ones (Jordan, Justin-Bobby, Jason and Spencer). & of those 4, 1 of them is out of the picture for yelling too much at Heidi, 1 of them was an inattentive, non-showering prick, one of them was a crazy drug-addict who multiple sources say has some big problems (see below). & yet Spencer, who is not a drug addict, showers, pays attention to his girlfriend, tells her he loves her all the time, wanted to marry her, has never hit her, is the one who is most hated. Even more ironic, Jason (the most of troubled of them all, in my opinion, again, see below) is the most loved. Funny how that works out.  Guess who's the star of the show?  That's right, Lauren Conrad.  They portray things in her favor, for sure, but it's amazing how much.  Read on...
"He went psycho," an insider told the Post.
The staff at Conrad's apartment complex has already been informed she and roommate Heidi are moving out. They are also under strict orders to remove Conrad's ex physically if he tries to get in.

--United Press International Published August 9, 2006

Also, if you remember, I posted rumor about Jason. I realized I didn't sight my source, so here it is:

Meanwhile, E! Online’s Korbi Ghosh reports that Kristin’s “friendships with the Laguna gang are rapidly dissolving.” Alex H. was living with Kristin but moved out because “their relationship soured because Kristin insisted that everything be about her, expecting Alex to be on call.”
Stephen, Dieter, and Jason are living together in LA, while Lauren “has cut ties with every other castmember except Jason, whom she’s still dating.”
Ghosh also has a few blind items, saying that there’s a second-season only male or female cast member who “has been in and out of rehab many times” and “got into a knock-down, drag-out fight with a castmember of the opposite sex, bashing his or her head against a wall.”

courtesy of reality blurred + Laguna's Kristin will co-host UPN reality series; Laguna cast's friendships "rapidly dissolving"

& today, I found another one.

There's lots of talk about Jason Wahler, LC's boyfriend. Apparently, he has been in and out of rehab for the last couple of years for problems with alcohol, drugs, and anger. Alex M. has said that during their relationship, Jason did in fact hit her, but it was never shown on the show. Also, neither Jason nor Talan Torriero passed their senior year and that's why they were not at their graduation. So, I thought that was pretty interesting. Anyway, here's some pictures of Talan with Ryan Cabrera and some other weirdo. Also, a pic of Talan with Pussycat Doll, Nicole. They are rumored to be together and he even mentioned something about her when he was on Kathy Griffin's show on BRAVO. How old is Nicole anyway? I guess she's a vast improvement over Talan's ex, Kimberly Stewart. Blech.

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