Sunday, April 01, 2007

Viewers Revenge - Episode #9, Pit Battle #8

So this was a dramatic week. First, Dan lost to Derek in Pit Battle #8. So Dan is now in the Pit Crew & Derek has moved up to the RV. You can watch it below:

As for Episode #9, things also get interesting. If you recall from last week (Episode #8, Pit Battle #7) David and Susie beat out Shane and Angel during Pit Battle #7, so the current RV now consists of Kina, Susie, Tori, David, Derek & Adam (why do i always forget about him???? possibly because he's gotten about 5 minutes of total airtime in all 9 episodes combined!) Anyway, because it is Derek's 1st week on the RV, he has immunity from the Pit Crew for 1 week. Since RVers win the mission (which was incredibly disgusting, btw, it was on a farm--it involved tractors and shoveling and ugh...not my thing) they only have to vote 1 person into the Pit Crew, as opposed to 2 people when they lose a mission. So of course David, being the new guy, is voted in to battle it out with another male Pit Crewer for a spot on the RV. David is not too happy about this and, even before the mission, he knows he will be voted in regardless of his performance during the mission. When sitting @ a diner for lunch, he fires @ the 4 members (Kina, Susie, Tori and Adam) that if he is going to be voted in no matter what, he will not help them earn another dime. He does end up performing well in the mission though, but he is voted in anyway because of the alliance. He and Derek know they are on the chopping block and both are not too happy. The links to watch the episode are not currently working, for some reason, so I'll add it in later when it is.

I have to say, I agree with Veronica's advice to the new guys when she says (in her latest blog entry) THROW MISSIONS.

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