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Inferno 3 Premiere

Before I go over the events, let me start this post off by saying noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I can NOT believe CT got thrown off!!!! I am so disappointed--he was 90% of the reason I was so excited to watch the show. Ok, when i look at what I just wrote, hahaha, I sound like an obsessive stalker fan. But he's right up there with Rachel and Veronica when it comes to entertaining to watch, if not more so! Unfortunately, it appears he is no longer there to entertain me (& a million other fans said the same thing). ANWAY, here is how it all went down on this week.

The whole cast arrives in South Africa. They are split up into Good Guys vs. Bad Asses. Of course, CT gets chosen for the badass team. He is joined by several others including Danny and his former partner-nemesis-turned-friend, Evelyn (his former partner on Fresh Meat).* Another irony, that I did not realize until now, is that Susie and Abe are both this Challenge.**

Anyway, in the confessional, CT states that since Diem is not here, he is going to be a lot more focused in this Challenge and promises to get dirty. Indeed, he does--as everyone gets drunk in celebration of their first night on the Inferno 3, CT and Kenny start wrestling, which is playful (exclusive clip) @ 1st. CT, being the competetive male that he is, almost chokes Kenny when they are wrestling. Abe and a couple others pull him off and Kenny is a good sport about it. They go outside and begin wresting again, Kenny, still playful and CT getting serious, making an effort to pin down Kenny and ends up getting a bloody nose when Kenny wrestles him off. CT is furious and threatens Kenny and gets all up in his face.

You can tell Kenny thinks this whole thing is ridiculous. So do the rest of the people, all putting in their various comments.

The next scene is Johnny in the bathroom with a newbie, Davis, who is bawling his eyes out. Johnny is checking on him when Ty (another newbie from RW Denver) comes in and asks if Davis is ok. "No, he's not ok," Johnny replies. "CT just punched him for no reason." According to Davis, he was walking down the hall when CT stopped him and asked him if he could take a punch. Davis admits he said yeah (what the fuck?????) and CT socked him in the eye. A little strange, but whatever.

So Ty goes into CT's room, who is sleeping, by this point. Ty wakes him up and says nervously, "I don't know if you were drunk, or need to control your temper."

"Control his temper?" Alton (who is also in the room) interjects, "He's gotta go home!" CT turns to look at him, and Alton continues, "CT, you make a toast saying how you are happy to be here with all good friends and then a minute later you punch someone?"

CT seems confused throughout the ordeal and kind of avoids the question, asking what any of this has to do with him. "I'm not accusing you," Ty laments, "I'm asking. Did you clock him?"

"Why would I punch a gay kid who isolates himself from everybody?" CT asks.

My take on it? CT didn't realize his own strength. He was drunk, got impulsive, didn't mean to hurt Davis so much as he wasn't thinking about what he was doing, and was genuinely surprised when Davis was hurt. Soon after, production comes and tells him he needs to get up, now, and get on a plane back to the US (this Challenge takes place in South Africa).

In the confessional, CT complains that production is blowing this waaaay out of proportion and stresses that he wasn't picking on him because he was gay. "It wasn't malicious, it wasn't evil, it wasn't meant to be anything like that," he says in such a way that one would either deem sincere or simply tired of the drama. CT is a charmer...I don't quite know what it is. You can tell he's smart though. It almost seems like he has 2 sides to him: the drunk/competetive CT with a mean, arrogant steak and then the understanding, sweet side we sometimes see when he's with Diem or on the Inferno 2 reuinion, when he comments that Tonya tried her hardest and he can't really get mad at someone for losing when they try their best. So that's that...CT is gone from the Inferno 3. It's sad, but Derrick comes to replace him, who is also fun and dramatic.

The rules of this game are a little different from that of the Inferno 2. This time, there is an Inferno battle every other mission. There are 2 types of missions each time. The 1st is the Team mission, where they work together as a team and whoever wins gets $10 grand in their team bank, and the people remaining at the end of the Challenge get to split the total team money evenly. The Bad Asses win the 1st mission. Regardless of who wins, though, each team has to chose 1 player from the opposing team to go into the Inferno. This week is the Guys Inferno, the Girls Inferno will be next week. The Bad Asses choose Davis and the Good Guys choose Abe. Davis looks terrifed.
The 2nd Self-Test mission, where each individual gets a chance to prove themselves by doing well in these individual tasks. Those who are voted into the Inferno get a chance to save themselves with the Lifesheild, which is given to 1 guy and 1 girl from each team, which makes them exempt from the Inferno. In this Self-Test, Abe gets the Lifesheild for the Bad Asses, making him exempt from the Inferno. He chooses Ty to take his place. Evelyn gets the Lifeshield for the Bad Ass girls. For the Good Guys, Alton gets the Lifesheild and, to everyone's amazement, steps in for Davis to battle it out with Ty. That was nice of him! Davis is eternally grateful. The episode ends with Ty and Alton ready to battle it out in the Inferno...tune in next week to see who wins!

Inferno 3 - Episode #1

Inferno 3 - Episode #1
(click to download)

*I actually have a lot of unanswered questions about Danny with regards to relationship dynamics with Melinda (Real World: Austin) and Rachel, 2 of his 6 original castmates from Real World: Austin. Last I heard, Melinda and him were engaged (Fresh Meat). Are they still together? These challenges usually ask about stuff like that, but for the time being the only thing we have established is that he and Evelyn have patched things up. As for Danny and Rachel, I would really like to know what's up with them because, although they were good friends in Austin, Rachel called him out, along with Niemiah (RW: Austin) during the Real World: Austin Reuinion, saying, "Either he was fake on the show or he changed afterwords." This was in response to a question someone from the audience asked about the rumor that Danny thinks he's the new Ben Affleck. Needless to say, when Rachel confirmed it, Danny wasn't too happy, which I understand, because he stuck up for her the whole time during their Austin season, when Neimiah and Wes would give her constant shit to see her reaction. Anyway, when Fresh Meat first started taping, Danny had just gone to the Reunion a couple days before. Danny and Evelyn were eliminated during the 1st round. Evelyn, who is a strong-ass player, was pissed off and according to her blog, found Danny very arrogant and wrote about how, on their way home, Danny talked constant shit about Niemiah and Rachel, saying he hated them both and that they were jealous of him. So, I'm wondering how they are getting along now. It must be rather awkward with both of them being there, although they are on different teams, anyway.

** Abe and Susie--when Viewers Revenge was filmed, I guess they had just finished filming the Inferno 3 together. During the Inferno 3 Trailer, it looks like they get in a fight. It shows Susie crying and Abe yelling @ her. Dunno though, we'll have to see.

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