Saturday, April 14, 2007

Viewers Revenge - Episode #11, Pit Battle #10

So things are getting more and more tense and on edge, as the RVers have just been informed that their show has only a few more weeks to go. Everyone is nervous, everyone wants that money! I can't blame em.

Derek beats Dan again in Pit Battle #10.

In Episode #11, long story short, the team loses the mission, so now the RVers have to vote in not 1, but 2 people into the Pit. David injures his balls. Badly. Since Susie fucked up on the mission, she volunteers herself. They wanna vote in David for the guys, but he is injured. So Susie votes for Derek, who is not happy. Her reasoning actually makes sense--she feels most comfortable with David, since they will be battling it out, together, as a team versus 1 male and 1 female Pit Crew member. Susie wants the strongest guy with her, in order to ensure that she stays on the RV. Derek feels powerless. The RVers are kind of mean to David.

Anyway, no links are posted up for either the Pit Battle or this past Episode, so I'll keep checking and add them in later. So, the basic stats are:

RV: Kina, Tori, Susie, Adam, Abe, David & Derek
Pit Crew: Veronica, Shane, Dan, Jerry*, Angel, Kristin*, Ivory*
Vote for who you want them to go up against in next week's Pit!

kicked off
*has yet to be on the RV
Voted into the Pit

Veteren Cast Member

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