Saturday, April 07, 2007

Viewers Revenge - Episode #10, Pit Battle #9

Sorry for the slow update this week--my internet has been down since Tuesday and this is the 1st time I've gotten it to work. Hopefully there won't be any more problems! Anywayyyy....
Episode #10 immidiately opened with big-time DRAMA when David beat Shane in Pit Battle #9, which, as most of you know by now, means David is coming back to the RV! With the excepttion of Derek, this does NOT thrill the rest of the RVers because, by now, they have watched last week's episode and saw how much shit David talked about all of them, especially Tori. The minute they pick him up and he gets on, they go @ it and it gets ugly. David calls Tori a cockteasing bitch, and Tori tells him no one wants to vote for him, Susie jumps in the conversation (uninvited...I've decided I don't like her) and informs him that he is "done," because, apparently, "nobody messes with Tori!" (ShutupSusie). I'm not a big fan of Tori, either, she's too emotional and kind of a bitch who tries to act like she's nice, so, in a sense, David was right to call her fake. Even Dan took David's side after watching this episode, also noting that Tori's pathetic attempt to bitch him out was kind of ridiculous in the end, because she ended up crying all over herself, as always.
Regardless, the RVers put their differences aside when it comes to their mission, which, unfortunately they fail, but only need to vote 1 person in this week because they have to lose twice in a row in order to have 2 people go in for Battle. Derek decides to be the team diplomat and step up and volunteer himself to go to the Pit. He also explains himself to the Viewers @ the end, however, that he is not a pushover, but that he and David had made a pact that they would both volunteer themselves once and only once. He also warns that he trusts that the RVers will NOT send him into the Pit again. We'll see. I like Derek, so I hope he comes back. Then again, I'm also hopin Dan comes back, although if they battled, I think it's pretty clear who would win.

Viewers Revenge Stats
RV: Kina, Tori, Susie, Adam, Abe, David & Derek
Pit Crew: Veronica, Shane, Dan, Lamonte*, Jerry*, Kristin*, Ivory* & Angel

kicked off
*has yet to be on the RV
Voted into the Pit
Veteren Cast Member

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