Monday, April 23, 2007

Viewers Revenge: Episode #12 & Pit Battle #11

Pit Battle #11: It's Susie & Derek vs. Dan & Veronica and Susie & Derek win, duh! They were obviously the physcially stronger of the 2 teams. I would have loved to have Dan and Veronica win, though! Ahhhhh there would be SO MUCH DRAMA. I'm getting rather bored of Susie (she bugs me) and Tori and Kina and all them ganging up on poor David.
In fact, in this Episode #12, even Derek turns on the helpless David when he votes him into yet another Pit. Derek defends his decision to the camera, saying he is in it for the money and he's gotta do what he's gotta do. Understandable, but still...I feel sorry for David. So, ONCE AGAIN, David will be competing in the Pit...stay tuned.

Oh--& Veronica has some very interesting, provacative shit to say about Tori in her blog. She attacks Tori hard--calling her fake and what not--not that Tori doesn't deserve it, in my opinion. I'm not a big fan of Tori--she sucks. Tori also wrote a fake-ass blog, saying nice things about a lot of castmembers. It's obvious she is desperate for the Pit Crew to have her back and that all this drama with Ivory*, Veronica and the rest of the Pit Crew is really breaking her down. I say keep @ it, Pit Crew girls!

Viewers Revenge Stats
RV: Kina, Tori, Susie, Adam, Abe, David & Derek
Pit Crew: Veronica, Shane, Dan, Lamonte*, Jerry*, Kristin*, Ivory* & Angel

*has yet to be on the RV
Voted into the Pit
Veteren Cast Member

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