Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Viewers Revenge: Episode #13 & Pit Battle #12

As we all know by now, David beats Dan in Pit Battle #12.

As for Episode #13, it begins in the RV. Susie says she is worried that David is going to start throwing missions because he keeps getting sent to the Pit. She tries to reassure David that, from now on, it is all based on performance. What bullshit. Upon hearing this, Derek decides to grow some balls and tell them that their voting system is bullshit, before slamming the door and leaving the RV in a rage.

As for the mission, in spite of being attacked by dogs, dealing with scorpians and eating maggots, in which Kina has an anxiety attack and Adam is a bore, as usual, Susie fucks up on the last part of the mission and the RVers lose! Susie sucks! Tori is annoying, too, & Dan had some subtle backlashes for her in his blog this week. I think Dan's had a lot of built-up anger @ Tori for a while, now. The only people he is nice about in his blog are Kina and Adam.

David is (shocker shocker!!!!) voted into The Pit again. No shit! Really guys, this is getting b.o.r.i.n.g!

Even after an emotional breakdown, in which he declares that the RVers are the "best people" he has ever known in his life! Why, I don't know!!!! I was honestly embarassed FOR him, by that point. UGH. Susie ignores her guilt and says she is still voting for him, Derek implies that he thinks David's little crying performance was an act to gain sympathy (I actually agree with Veronica's theory that he was drunk).

So vote for who you want David to face in the Pit! Oh, & FYI, there is yet another addition to the Pit Crew! Mike* (click learn all about him)

Viewers Revenge Stats
RV: Kina, Tori, Abe,Susie, Adam, David & Derek
Pit Crew: Veronica, Shane, Dan, Lamonte*, Jerry*, Mike*, Kristin*, Ivory* & Angel

*has yet to be on the RV
Italicized=Voted into the Pit
Veteren Cast Member

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