Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cast Member's MySpaces

Here are all the current and former Real World and Road Rules cast member's MySpaces.

Andre (New York)
Mark (USA Tour 1)
Beth S. (Los Angeles)
Antoine (Europe)
Glen (Los Angeles)
Jake (Islands)
Sarah (Miami)
Anne (Northern Trail)
Syrus (Boston)
Christina (Australia)
David (Seattle)
Susie (Australia)
Rebecca (Seattle)
Veronica (Semester At Sea)
Ruthie (Hawaii)
Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour)
Julie (New Orleans)
Adam (The Quest)
Lori (Back to New York)
Blair (The Quest)
Lori Music (Back to New York)
Katie (The Quest)
Malik (Back to New York)
Jisela (The Quest)
Aneesa (Chicago)
Sophia (The Quest)
Theo (Chicago)
Steve (The Quest)
Tonya (Chicago)
Kendal (Campus Crawl)
Brynn (Las Vegas)
Rachel (Campus Crawl)
Trishelle (Las Vegas)
Abram (South Pacific)
Ace (Paris)
Cara (South Pacific)
Adam (Paris)
Chris (South Pacific)
Simon (Paris)
Marybeth (South Pacific)
Brad (San Diego)
Tina (South Pacific)
Cameran (San Diego)
Angela (Extreme)
Frankie (San Diego)
Danny (Extreme)
Jamie (San Diego)
Derrick (Extreme)
Robin (San Diego)
Ibis (Extreme)
Karamo (Philadelphia)
Jodi (Extreme)
Landon (Philadelphia)
Jodi Music (Extreme)
Melanie (Philadelphia)
Jillian (Extreme)
Shavonda (Philadelphia)
Nick (Extreme)
Willie (Philadelphia)
Aviv (Fresh Meat)
Danny (Austin)
Casey (Fresh Meat)
Johanna (Austin)
Diem (Fresh Meat)
Lacey (Austin)
Eric (Fresh Meat)
Melinda (Austin)
Evan (Fresh Meat)
Nehemiah (Austin)
Evelyn (Fresh Meat)
Rachel (Austin)
Jesse (Fresh Meat)
Janelle (Key West)
Linette (Fresh Meat)
John (Key West)
Ryan (Fresh Meat)
Jose (Key West)
Paula (Key West)
Svetlana (Key West)
Tyler (Key West)
Zach (Key West)

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K said...

Wow... some of thier myspaces are more entertaining than they were on the show...MTV has good casting.