Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Whitney Talks Politics, LC Talks the Show

Look, we gossers are gaga over The Hills, really, so please forgive this unofficial special column informally put together as a nail-clawing tribute to the boob-tube treat. ‘Cause, ya see, it also appears Whitney P really is the brightest blondie-babe o’ the bunch. At least that’s what we think after asking what issues she’s most concerned about in the upcoming election: “I think the two main ones right now are obviously the abortion rights, and I think it’s really important that women have the rights that they deserve,” Whit answered, as if she weren’t a member of her own sex, but whatev.

“And health insurance is also a big thing right now,” Whit-hon continued, like a beacon of scarlet wisdom in her vibrant frock and high heels. “I think all citizens of the United States, no matter who they are, should have equal rights to it.”
Whitney for Ms. America!

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