Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lauren's Side

Wait, is she serious? That's the reason why she's convinced it was Heidi and Spencer? Dude, I don't buy it anymore. Not after Heidi explained herself in the interview below. & not after, before Lauren even accused them, Spencer and Heidi said that they'd heard the rumors and and didn't believe them.
LC Boo Hoos, Pooh-Poohs Sex Tape Rumor
Posted Apr
11th 2007 1:11PM
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Conrad has named a former friend as a culprit in
spreading rumors of a sex
tape featuring the "Hills" star and her ex,
multi-arrestee Jason Wahler. The annoyed LC denies the
existence of the tape.In an
interview with
magazine, sources close to LC say she's "pointing the
finger" at
former friend Heidi Montag and BF Spencer Pratt, because Montag was
the "one
person who didn't reach out"
after news of the tape broke. Watch your
back in them thar Hills! Montag and Pratt denied any wrongdoing ... and so
no sex tape has surfaced.

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