Friday, November 23, 2007

BMP sends out a casting call for Real World 21 and Road Rules 15

According to Real World/Road Rules Blog:
Although MTV hasn't given its greenlight yet, Bunim-Murray Productions is already accepting applications for The Real World 21 and Road Rules 15. Check out their website, which has a small casting notice.

This would mean that Real World would continue going after its twentieth season and sixteenth year. Also, ever since Viewers' Revenge mostly disappointed fans, there hasn't been much talk about renewing the series. At least not yet. The casting notice suggests that Road Rules may very well be brought back as well.

So far, Hollywood and Gauntlet 3 are the last two productions to be filmed.

I hate that idea for so many reasons. The whole "What ever happened to the person whose job that once was?" Now the general public has taken that away from him/her. Also, I don't think the public is necessarily qualified to know what mix of personalties necessarily make good TV. & the website is all dependent on who is on the front of the site, basically, because most people are too lazy to do an in-depth search.

It's kinda fucked up. I'm not looking forward to the upcoming Real World.

Just to contradict myself a little, I am excited that Road Rules is back, regardless of how it is chosen, because I've missed it, although Viewers Revenge sucked ass. That should have been a lesson to MTV of why not to give it's viewers a say in production.

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