Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Show Is Not Fake | The Hills' Lauren Conrad Declares: "The Show Is Not Fake"

"There have been some rumors in the press about The Hills being fake. Many of you have been asking me if the rumors are true. There are false rumors every week about me and I can’t address every rumor out there, but I feel like this was important for me to respond to. The show is not fake and this is really my life."

There was also a poll done about whether The Hills is real or fake, and it's split right down the middle, with 52% saying real, 48% saying it's fake.

There are only 2 choices: Real or Fake, which is interesting because, in terms of the show, it all depends on how you define Fake. I chose Real, because I don't think the show is scripted. I do, however, know for a fact that certain scenes and situations are set up and pre-planned. What the cast members do during the scenes, how they interact, etc. is not scripted, though, in my opinion. I also think that sometimes the cast members feel awkward on camera which is why sometimes the fights or confrontations seem a bit staged.

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