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There are a lot of things to be said about last nights episode. Yes, I am ashamed, name it. However, many things happened that were not shown. Evan and Kenny thought it would be hysterical to pour baby powder in my suit case. All over my clothes. Then I discover the plunger in my bed. That is just disgusting. I do not like to be the target of anybody's joke. I think I have made that pretty clear over the years. Regardless, Kenny and Evan do not care. They just want to be amusing, silly and have fun. But, they seem to only want to do it at someone else's expense. Not mine, fuckers.
Yea, first of all I would like to say that I wish someone would remind me I am on a tv show while I am there. Apparently, I forget that with the lack of make up and my amazing clothing options. Polka dot pajama pants and a tank top that barely holds my boobs in? GROSS. So, yes I get it...
As far as the Sarah story line is concerned...she isn't that bad. She did try a little too hard to fit in with the "Champion" team which was bizarre because she should have been trying with her own team. But everyday, morning or night- she never left our room. I was not the only one who thought that was weird. People called her "superfan". Her obvious crushes on Evan and Kenny were more than apparent. And yes, the guys did say bad things about her when she would actually leave the room. She also made several references to me being "crazy". Ok, I am a bit of a nutcase. But for your bitch ass to say it? Um..its not going to make me like you. Especially when she tells other people who then tell me. Tell me. I am pretty direct, I expect the same.
So when the plunger incident happened, I was drunk and pissed. But I am normally level headed when I drink unless you provoke me. Which is pretty obvious they did. I will sit and talk bullshit and laugh for hours, but if your going to fuck with me- I am going to react. DUH. And they know that too, which is why they find it so entertaining. Trust me, I get it. Wish I could explain it to myself as it happens, but I am too angry to rationalize.
So Evan makes a remark about how the "blue team" was just in the room. I immediately associate Sarah as part of that blue team. But then, I see her laughing. And because I am pissed off, I need someone and she became the target sense I already didn't like her. Fair? Absolutely not. Justified? Nope. I am admitting to being a real asshole.
The next day, I felt bad. I knew that my anger was misdirected. I should have flipped out on Kenny and Evan. Funny how neither one of them even remotely defended her as I screamed. They let her take the heat and even laughed about it. They don't care. That is the type of guys they are. They are on the wrong show. They should be on Tool Academy.
Seriously, I have heard the same jokes with Evan for the past 5 years. He used them on Freshmeat. He switches it up a bit to cater to his new audience. I am so completely confused how these 2 assholes have managed to be popular from this show. They were NEVER even on Real World or Road Rules! And because it IS the title of the show, um...I am still confused where they fit in. As far as I am concerned, they guest star on the show.
Unfortunately, that's not how it works. I am also not in the editing room at BMP. Because with all the Wes drama, I don't think Evan needs to constantly be the mouthpiece for the team. Its ALWAYS what Evan says that makes air. Why not show Darrell's, Syrus or Derricks opinion? Must it always be from Evan and Kenny? For fucks sake, I lived the show and get bored watching the same 2 pricks put there fucking opinion in over and over. The house had 28 people! Use Ibis, Kim, Adam...anyone but them over and over and over. I get it, they are witty. But still...
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I like her more after reading this. I've always liked her but she came across as kind of trashy on The Ruins, but at least she's aware of it (the ones with no class usually aren't) & I'm glad she clarified her position a bit.

I see where she's coming from with Sarah, anyway. By that, I mean I could see how she'd be annoying, for sure. Especially since she's new and kisses ass to Kenny and Evan to a point where she followed them all around and never left their room. If I were in Katie's position, I'd be annoyed as well.

Anyway, as the link says, there's a lot more to read, that's just the 1st half of her post, so click the link to read the rest of it.

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