Monday, October 22, 2007

Speaking of Abram...

Speaking of Abram, I really hope he does another challenge. I know he won't be on the Gauntlet 3, and it seems that ever since the whole incident with Adam, he's gone under the radar. This includes his myspace, which he hasn't logged into since 1/11/2007, which was right after the whole thing with Adam (see below). My guess is that he went to go do the show, and once he returned home, he didn't even want to bother to explain himself or answer to his fans.

MTV Road Rules Viewers Revenge Adam And Abram Fight - The most popular videos are a click away

Still, I've always liked him. He's pretty hott, too, not gonna lie. I was actually quite jealous of Rachel and Veronica for having a 3some with him :-P

Anyway! Maybe he just doesn't do well in confined spaces (such as an RV)? He is the only person in the history of Real World/Road Rules to be kicked off a show twice. He always does fine on challenges, though, so maybe he really just doesn't work well in that environment. I'm not quite sure I would, either. After a while, I'd definitely need my space.

Hope to see him on a RW/RR Challenge in the future.

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