Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Heidi Montag's "Confession"

Yesterday, an entry entitled The Truth was posted on Heidi Montag's website, in which she supposedly confessed:
Me and Spencer did spread the false rumors about Lauren's sex tape.

Later during the day, the post was taken down and was replaced by a lot more believable- entry:

Just wanted everyone to know that my blog/website was hacked by a crazy fan today. Stay tuned for more of my weekly posts…



A lot of ppl from all different websites made such a big deal out of it--is she lying, or is it true????? Should we believe her??

Ok, I've been watching Heidi on The Hills for 3 seasons now, and so far, I'm unimpressed. But come on now! Why would she confess to something like that, only to take it down a few hours later and claim it was hacked? & why would she confess, off-camera, when the heat is off and there is no pressure if she got away with it while filming the show? Why would she confess when, on the episode the night before, she continued to deny it? Come on people, let's be a little bit more realistic. I definitely believe her when she says that her blog was hacked. It just wouldn't make sense for her to exploit herself that way.

Now, whether Heidi and Spencer did start the sex tape rumors about Lauren or not...That I can't say for sure. My guess, though, is that Spencer is responsible and Heidi just went along with it, and by that I mean she didn't stop him, but didn't contribute, either. From what I see, Heidi is not the type to diliberately go out of her way to fuck someone else over. Spencer is, though, & that is exactly why we love to hate him.

Spencer is a scumbag, but I will hand it to him, he is media-savvy. He wants fame and publicity and knows exactly how to get it, and is ready and willing to take the heat that goes with it. In fact, the headline of Spencer's website reads: Feel free to hate on me...daily! Hey, at least he's not boring. But even he admits, via his website, that Heidi's blog was hacked.

The hacker, however, also posted some other bullshit that just further proves that there is no way in hell Heidi wrote The Truth.

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