Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cutthroat: Episode #2 (Summary)

Chet and Mandi engage in harmless flirting. Mandi confesses she has a crush on Chet, even though he's not normally her type.

Laurel has a lot of built-up anger at her from Fresh Meat 2, and says, "Chet and Mandi go upstairs and close the door. What do you think's gonna happen when you send an S-L-U-T up into the room together with a guy?"

And yes, she actually spells out S-L-U-T, possibly trying to be mindful of younger viewers.

In any case, she starts getting on Mandi's case about it, and mimics the noises/things she heard while they were in the bathroom. Mandi is just like, "What is your problem?"

Chet sees what's going on and gets involved and says, "We have an angry amongst us, her name is Laurel, you have the floor, what is your problem?"
Laurel tells him she's not lashing out at him.
"Yes you are," Chet argues. "And you're lashing out at Mandi." He then says he's getting dumber just by looking at her, and that she's lashing out at people who are not even trying to inflict harm upon her.
Laurel just rolls her eyes and says, "OK, what I have to say has already been said."

Cut to the confessional, where Mandi says Chet is just "so sweet" and he's the only guy on the Red Team she feels she can trust.

Cut to her and him cuddling in bed together, where she tells him she likes him, and he says, "I like you, too."

The next day is Challenge Day #2, where the teams have to hang from ropes and pass around these things known as Stiens. Whoever has the fastest time, wins.

The Red Team goes first and as a result, have no idea what they're doing.

Since the Grey Team has 2 extra players, Shauvon and Abram both decide to sit out. Abram decides to be the coach, which turns out to be a complete disaster. He goes crazy and sounds like one of those over-zealous, crazy football coaches, or as Camila put it, like he's the chief of the army. haha. I actually think Camila put it better. "If you make me look like an asshole, I'll kick every one of your fucking asses, I swear to God!" he roars. Oh my god, it really is like they're in the military.

Needless to say, the Grey Team loses.

The Blue Team wins.

Now it's deliberation time, where both the Grey Team and Red Team will be voting for 1 male and 1 female from their team to go into The Gulag.

The majority of the Red Team votes for Mandi, including Chet (so much for trusting him) to prove to his team that he is not "emotionally attached" (good god Chet, YOU KISSED HER. Mormons are RIDICULOUS!!). They also vote in Brandon, for the second time, and he is not happy about it.

The Grey Team votes for JD because he's a rookie and Cara-Maria, who takes it personally and says, "So I had a bad challenge, give me a break." Um, there are no breaks when there's $20,000 on the line, honey, especially this early in the game and you have yet to prove yourself.

Mandi hears that Chet voted for her and confronts him. He denies it (LIAR).

Abram predicts that Cara-Maria will win this one, and indeed, she does, as does Brandon, for the second time. He is still a bit sour at his team for voting him in twice, though and wonders if this is going to continue througout the entire game. My guess is YES, because he is a rookie, but we shall see...

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