Thursday, May 10, 2007

Viewers Revenge: Finale!

It was supposed to be Adam and Tori fighting Pit Battle #14, but there's a shocking twist...dundundun: There has been a clear rule violation by David, who has been leaking information to the outside world (ppl off of the show). So he was immidiately sent home. Wonder if he'll get sued. Anyway, as a result, Adam doesn't have to battle it out anymore, so Dan and Shane do. Dan wins.

Tori and Kristin* battle it out. Tori wins.

They go into the final mission, in which they compete against the Pit Crew for $20 grand. Pit Crew wins! You know what that means: 2 people must be sent into the Pit.

Kina steps up this time around and volunteers herself. Dan gets voted in, which was the correct decision, in my opinion, because he fucked up on the mission.

For the Girls: Kina and Angel battle it out in the Pit. Kina wins.
For the Guys: Dan and Lamonte battle it out. Lamonte wins.

Lamonte winning fucking sucks! ugh. but Dan was in it for more then just the money. I am in complete agreement with Adam when he tells the camera that Lamonte does NOT deserve the grand prize, which includes a Mazda and $13,333.33 each.

Viewers Revenge Stats
RV: Kina, Tori, Susie, Abe, Adam, David, Lamonte & Derek
Pit Crew: Veronica, Angel, Kristin*, Ivory*, Shane, Dan, , Jerry* & Mike*

Don't worry, the Pit Crew team didn't go home with nothing. Their team banked $20,000 during the last mission, which (when divided amongst 8 ppl) is $2,500 each. Hey, I'd be more then happy with that!!! AS FOR THE GRAND PRIZE....

Total $$ Won: $80,000 ($13,333.33 each)
Grand Prize: Mazda

kicked off
*has never been on the RV
Voted into the Pit
Veteren Cast Member


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