Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Showdown on The View: Rosie's Last Day

OK. I'm what most would consider liberal, but not when it comes to the Iraq War. I agree with Elizabeth when she says Rosie, like many liberals, go only on emotion, not facts. That being said, I think Republicans blew Rosie's comment waaaaaay out of proportion. Saying she should be taken off air for expressing her beliefs is hypocritical, ridiculous, melodramatic and overall complete and total bullshit. She got a little heated, who doesn't in a political debate? I don't think she meant that our troops were terrorists. I think she was just trying to make a point in her empathy for Iraqi citizens. All of the Republicans who accuse her of "treason" are just as crazy as what they accuse Rosie of being. Rosie did not say our troops are terrorists, even if she did, that is NOT treason. Guess what, Republicans? You always talk about "defending our freedom," yet the minute someone voices an opinion you disagree with, you are up in arms about taking her off air, accusing her of treason. You hypocrites.

That being said, Rosie's comment, in my opinion, was uninformed, misguided and interestingly ironic...I'll tell you why. She kept complaining about what the MEDIA was saying about her, judging her, spinning things to make it look worse then it is, not knowing the full story, etc. Like Rosie's comment, troops in Iraq are also a constant subject to media scrutiny. A lot of what they do is either misunderstood, misconstrued or taken out of context, so those who don't know the whole story or understand the complexities of Iraq assume the troops are a bunch of trigger-happy young men who just want to kill, kill, kill, which is NOT the case at all. Ironically, Rosie's opinion is totally bias by what she, herself, hears on the media! So she is, essentially, getting a taste of her own medicine by having a bunch of ignorant assholes judge her based on something the media has taken out of context.

Ironic, doncha think?

That being said, I do think she, like Elizabeth, is sincere in what she believes, and it's a shame she felt so attacked that she had to leave. Their debates made good TV, too! If I worked for ABC, I'd have offered her more $$$ to stay!

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