Monday, March 19, 2007

Viewer's Revenge - Episode #6 & Pit Battle #5

Sorry I have been so behind on covering the latest episodes of Viewers Revenge, as I have been actively watching them every week! I have just been a little lazy, but that is about to change! Ok! So, as those of you who watched Pit Battle #5 know Susie went up against Angel and for some reason, let her win. Why? I don't know, but according to *Shane*& as *Susie* later explains, she wanted to see her husband. She claims it is a "strategy." A logical 1, no (in my opinion) but hey, whatever floats your boat Susie. Anyway, as a result, Angel is now in the RV. She catches hell from the cast members right away, beginning when Adam asks her to apologize to Kina. "No!" she says angrily. "I am NOT apologizing!" In spite of the current drama w/Angel (which Kina will later refer to as "cancer in the RV,")the RVers manage to pull through and win the mission against the Pit Crew. Adam is pumped by their win and decides to volunteer himself for the Pit. Everyone agrees to it, except Angel. Shane snaps and accuses her of disagreeing with everything the rest of the RV says and calls Angel's behavior "wierd" and "annoying." In spite of Angel's comments, Adam follows through and goes to the Pit...see the next post for the results.

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