Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Viewer's Revenge - Episode #4 & Pit Battle #3

So as most of you know, *Tori* wins Pit Battle #3. So *Veronica* has yet ANOTHER week in the Pit Crew. I miss her! Dan put it perfectly in the Launch Special when he told Veronica she was the devil and egotistical, & how it was kind of attractive but so angering. hahaha. Anyway, as she mentions in the Pit Battle, she "can't stand" Kina. Me, either, to be honest! She's very dramatic, fake and hypocritical, in my opinion. She needs to learn to control herself and stop acting like a 5 year old every time things don't go her way. She's layed pretty low with the drama this time, though. She's intimidated by Veronica and I think it's good because that keeps her princess attitude in check.
If you read Kina's blog, you will see that she is, indeed, excited to go compete in The Pit. The blogs are an aspect of VW I've been meaning to tell you about-each cast member of both the RV and the Pit Crew have been blogging their thoughts on the week's episode, including what they thought of the mission, who they don't like, inside gossip, etc. The blogs are open to comments from viewers, so comment if you want! As covered in this last episode (Episode #4, you know the drill, click to watch) Kina was apparently upset by some of the viewer's comments that she reads on her blog. I've read some of them, they're harsh, but *shrug* if you're gonna act like a bitch, you gotta deal with people treating you like one.
Anyway, the rest of the RV seems cool with Kina volunteering herself. *Dan* is happy because he & Tori have been getting pretty chummy...budding romance, anyone? After he completes the mission, Tori does mention he may get lucky tonight. I'm sure he was a happy camper when he watched that on TV a few days later! *Adam* (yawn, he bores me half to death) did well. *Susie* was good. I have yet to read Shane's blog, I kinda wanna hear what he thinks of all this! He didn't get much airtime on this episode.

You can also look @ the Photo Gallery for this episode, as well as past episodes. Each cast member also has their individual photos.

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hey just to let you know your name doesn't link to your blog, so its difficult to get to your profile, there is probably a really easy way to fix it, but i don't know how. your insight on these shows is beyond amazing!