Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cutthroat: Spoilers (updated)

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crossed out=eliminated
Episode #1
Derek vs Brandon
Emilee vs Camila

Episode #2
JD vs Brandon
Mandi vs Cara Maria

Episode #3
Vinny vs Eric
Shauvon quits

Episode #4
Eric vs Luke
Ayiiia vs Katie

Episode #5
Ty vs Brandon
Katie vs Camila

Episode #6
Chet (injured)
Brandon vs Derrick
Melinda vs Emily

Episode #7
Camila vs Laurel
Dan vs Dunbar

Episode #8
Johnny vs Tyler vs CT
Theresa vs Tori vs Tina

Episode #9
Derrick vs Tyler
Paula vs Emily

GRAY: Abram, Cara Maria, Laurel, Luke, Sarah
BLUE: Emily, Jenn
RED: Brad, Dunbar, Tyler, Tori - WINNERS



Anonymous said...

I Love to know that Brad just won his first challenge!! No matter what ppl say, he's a good guy

Anonymous said...

And his wife is really hot too, oh my!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i am really happy that brad and tori won , so they can start a life together now like they said. But im really sad that Derrick loses and goes home. i LOVE him

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for Paula, she was eliminated right before the red team wins. So how many challenges does that make? I hope she keeps trying.

Anonymous said...

Whoever feels that Brad or Tori is a decent human being or a legitimate competitor is sadly mistaken. They rode much more worthy people until the very end. Its no wonder they've never won before. What Tori did to Camilla was despicable.

Paula is an idiot and pathetic for being surprised that she was thrown under the bus..yet again.

As for Grey team, why was there this big debate about Laurel or Cara Maria's abilities, both had proven themselves plenty of times...but Sarah...she was a complete waste of space. She came in last in several challenges. It was rather bizarre how she kept under the radar the whole time by pitting Laurel and C.M against each other.

Blue should have won for actually treating each other like decent human beings...although I would have liked for Luke to win because we went to school together.

Anonymous said...

The red team winning is a huge disappointment.
They didn't earn it and Tori and Brad did nothing to win except play on other people's insecurities.

This is wildly upsetting and definitely makes me reconsider watching the show.

Anonymous said...

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