Thursday, April 08, 2010

Fresh Meat 2: Episode #1

It starts off with 13 new people & 13 veterans. Like Fresh Meat, the veterans get to pick a teammate from the Fresh Meat side (new people) of the opposite sex. & like Fresh Meat, a lottery determines the order in who picks 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on, which is pure luck.

Darrell gets 1st pick, much to the frustration of Wes. He picks Cara-Marie. The rest of the teams can be seen below. 

The cast then goes to the house for the 1st time, and loves it. Paula says, "They shouldn't let us live here. I mean, have they seen what we do to these places?" 

Night rolls around, and people start partying. Laurel (Kenny's partner) hooks up with Sarah and another guy. Sarah comments that the Fresh Meat can not hold their liquor. Kenny says he's cool with whatever Laurel does on her own time, so long as she can put her game face on when it's time to compete. 

& indeed, she does. Kenny and Laurel win the 1st challenge, thanks to Laurel. They are now exempt from the next exile, and get to choose 1 of the teams that goes in. The other team will be voted in by the remaining cast members.

Back at the house, Kenny and Wes have called a temporary truce, even though they don't trust each other. Kenny and Laurel decide to vote Darrell and Cara-Marie into exile. Darrell isn't worried, but Cara-Marie takes it personally, thinking it has to do with her, when in actuality is has nothing to do with her and everything to do with Wes's strategic planning. 

The remaining 22 cast members decide to vote Jillian and Pete into exile. So exile #1 is Darrell-CaraMarie vs. Jillian-Pete. Cara can not keep her head in the game, and breaks down the night before. She doesn't do well in exile, either, she and Darrell end up losing and going home, while a relieved Jillian and Pete return to the house. 

By the end of the 1st Episode, the cast is as follows:

Darrell - Cara Marie
Landon - Carly
Wes  - Mandi
Danny - Sandy
Kenny - Laurel
Ryan - Theresa
CJ - Syndney
Jillian- Pete
Paula - Jeff
Evelyn - Luke
Jenn - Noor
Katelynn - Brandon
Sarah - Vince

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