Friday, January 08, 2010

Twitter / Tila Tequila's Side of the Story

PS-I was the ONLY one who was constantly checking on my Wifey cuz I knew something was wrong. I was out of town 2 meet my Brother.

I have all the text messages to prove it! I even had my assistant go over there to check up on my Wife! Not her Family, not her "friends" ME
Twitter / Tila Tequila: I have all the text messag ...

Honestly, who knows if this is publicity stunt or not, but it doesn't mean she didn't care about Casey and it doesn't mean she's not sad over the loss. If she was the only one checking up on her, then obviously she cared more than anyone else did when Casey died, so I don't know why everyone is getting so angry with her. Guilt, perhaps.

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