Friday, December 18, 2009

Fresh Meat 2: Scheduled to Air in Spring 2010

Ok, so when I first found about this upcoming challenge, and saw who the cast was, I wasn't too thrilled because the cast sounded dreadfully boring. Now, having watched the entire season of The Ruins, I'm kind of excited, because of the dynamics between certain cast members, such as Kenny and Sarah.
If you watch The Ruins Reunion, you'll see that Wes and Kenny appear to have made up, but both are always fun to watch, regardless. They're entertaining, especially Wes, who is never afraid to bring the drama.
Kaitlin (the transexual from RW: Brooklyn) should also be interesting to watch.
& of course, you never know what to expect from the new castmembers. I know it's hard to get excited about them when you don't know what to expect, but if they're anything like the Fresh Meat cast, it should be interesting.

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