Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Audrina Denies Being Fight in a Fight With Lauren

But on her myspace, she did have this to say:

Recent false rumors reported that Audrina has been in a feud with Lauren, leaving to Orange County to take a break from her and talking to Heidi, but she recently cleared this up in a My Space blog post, stating that "Lauren and i still live together and are friends:). I am not ditching lauren for heidi....if i see her out we acknowledge each other but no were not besties! it is none of my business with what is going on between them and i stay out of it!---im not focused on others business, i have enough of my own personal drama." She also explained that she was leaving L.A. for Orange County to help her pregnant sister, NOT to get away from Lauren.
The MTV Reality Blog: The Hills Happenings 01/12/07

Ouch! Why does it seem everyone pulls the whole, "She's cool, but we're not BFF," card when talking about Lauren?

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